Mi smo/We are

Skupina ljubiteljev video umetnosti.
A group of people who love to express their creativity through audio visual projects.

Current projects

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Past projects

Žiga Birsa | Official Žiga Birsa You Tube channel
Kanuist | Žalec is host to unknown Palestinian kayak coach and his new promissing chanmpion.
Mednarodna izmenjava | Žalec resident Čini gives place on a bench to an outsider.
Kamera z anteno! | Žiga equips himself with a camera-antenna hybrid to amuse folks in Žalec.
Les visiteurs á Žalec | Undercover French tourists ask for directions to Jama Pekel. Sponsor required to turn this pilot episode into a real show. Please get in contact with us!
From Polzela to Letuš and back | An afternoon walk on the path never walked by us before and having lots of fun.
Žalec - kot ga še niste videli (2009) | A full feature film about life in Žalec from an artist's point of view. Also known as Past Life 2.
Življenje v kleti | A guy living in the basement of a residental building is askedby a reporter to give an interview.
La Vers - Malo Mesto | A music video for the song "Malo Mesto" by La Vers.
RTV Servis | Short video not included in the final cut of "Žalec - kot ga še niste videli" movie.
Past Life (2003) (cover) | A montage of video clips recorded primarily by Ziga Birsa, put together into this astonishing full feature documentary. Right click and save-as to download.
Žalec, kot ga še niste videli II - KAJ JE TA COVID| Film "Kaj je ta COVID" - je bil posnet marca 2020, medtem, ko se je po savinjski dolini klečeplazil zloglasni novi virus (COVID-19)
...and many more available on our official YouTube channel (link below).


Official YouTube channel
Phone and eMail: +386 41 336 224 / info@videolife.si